I am an Igorot, a Filipino, an earthling. My ethnicity may have made me different, but so does yours and the others out there. Our disparities may be glaring at times, however, if we look through our heart, we will notice our commonality as human beings.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Human, I'm Not An Igorot...

... statue!

Look at the pic again? Do I look one? Tao po talaga ako! (I'm a real person!)

Alright, I'm human. But do I still look like Igorot even without my wanes (G-string)?

Most of my acquaintances got this "are-you-serious look" plastered on their face whenever I told them the first time that I am an Igorot. A real FBI - Full Blooded Igorot. In short, a GI - Genuine Igorot. After asking a few what they think an Igorot looks like, I really don't want to prod some more for they almost gave same desription - Igorots are short people, dark skinned, with curly hair and thick lips. Worst, they seem perplexed when I gently told them that they have just described an Aeta or an Ati.

But, there are also some first time acquaintances who can immediately tell that I am from the Cordillera. All of them have visited an Igorot town or have known other Igorots before. Getting this type of reaction from lots of people tells me that even if I am speaking fluently in other language and am not wearing my wanes, I am still distinctly Igorot.

How about you? Can others still distinguish your ethnic root?


dominie said...

haha!i always get the same reacti0ns to0 like "seryoso ka?, h0w c0me you don't look like one? or bat ka maputi?"