I am an Igorot, a Filipino, an earthling. My ethnicity may have made me different, but so does yours and the others out there. Our disparities may be glaring at times, however, if we look through our heart, we will notice our commonality as human beings.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Igorotak! Are You?

I can't help but laugh when I first heard this song. It was sung seriously but the lyrics are witty. And I think the song is best rendered that way because it will really makes one think how he/she takes and bears his/her "Igorotness". All the while, it also reminds everybody that we are all created equal.

Here are some lines from the song.
... nangnanganak si toge (I ate sweet potato)
nansibsibuak si sayote (and sayote/vegetable pear too)
uray no kudo kami, (though we are poor)
wada nan inadal mi (we finished school)
Igoroto tak (I'm an Igorot)

I'll try to get hold of the lyrics of this song (and translate it to Filipino/English maybe) and post it here soon. Meanwhile, enjoy listening to the song.