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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two Cordilleran Contestants to Pilipinas Got Talent Finals?

How I wish they both will make it!

Ingrid Payaket:

When asked if she is going to the gym, she answered candidly "Natural lang po. Ganito po kasi mga Igorota. Maskulada. (This is natural. This is how Igorota looks like. We got muscles.)" LOL!.

And upon knowing that there are no girls yet qualified for the finals of the show, she quipped "Nanawagan po ako sa mga kababaihan, ipantay natin ang laban. (I am calling to all women, let's level the field.)". Smart and talented!

and the Baguio Metamorphosis:

(click here to see a clearer video of the Baguio Meta performance)

The group have chosen an apt name! They metamorphosed the stage with their smooth and eclectic dance moves.

Actually, a third group made it to the the semi-finals of the show. Funny Baguio duo Powerpuff Corn failed to grab a grand final slot but for sure, they gained lots of fans. Here's the rock and reggae performance of Cesar and Ryan.


Eichs said...

Congratulations to Baguio Metamorphosis for grabbing the second place and to Ingrid for making it to 4th place in the Pilipinas Got Talent grand finals.

You proved that Cordillerans do have talents. You are our winners!

wayne moises said...

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