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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recycling... Cordillera Version

These are made from trash folks! Take a closer look...

My stepmom made those pouches while taking care of my late dad. The red and green ones are from the wrappers of instant coffee, the silver is from the foil of a popular milk brand while the multi-colored is from assorted plastic wrappers.

It looks like environmental awareness is catching fire in the Cordillera. Students I met in Mankayan (Benguet) shared that they were required to submit school projects out of household trash. And, recently at the Malcolm Square (People's Park) in Baguio City, an exhibit was held showcasing various materials from used plastics, papers and other waste products. (See exhibit photos
below. Gosh! I was not able to take a good shot - lots of curious people, got two packs with me and I am rushing to catch a ride back to Manila.)

From the women's group of barangay Upper Irisan ...

The bags were made of used plastic straw commonly used when drinking bottled soda. The woman in the booth informed us that soft drink companies are burning the used straw (what???) accumulated from emptied bottles they collected.

The amazing works of Binnadang (?)

Yes! Those chairs, tables, beads, bags, place mats, etc... from PAPER!

Products of North Sanitary Camp (obvious naman, di ba?)

The beautiful flower decors and gas lamps are from soda plastic bottles. (I don't think the gas lamp is a safe one... unless you are living in a fireproof house.)

From other groups... (My apologies guys. I pictured your groups' banner but your names were unreadable. Either my shots were too far or wrongly positioned making your names unreadable.)

Coconut shells made classy!

... And assorted plastics! (Oopss! Excluding the chairs.)