I am an Igorot, a Filipino, an earthling. My ethnicity may have made me different, but so does yours and the others out there. Our disparities may be glaring at times, however, if we look through our heart, we will notice our commonality as human beings.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Case of the Missing Butterflies

(This was supposed to be part of my post yesterday about the good and unwanted things my friends experienced when they visited Baguio. However, this is something absurd that I decided to segregate it from the rest.)

My friends were having great time exploring Baguio. They made a grand tour of the most visited tourist destinations in the city and are amazed that it does not cost a thing, or a very minimal entrance fee, to visit and relax at those amazing places.

When they were in Camp John Hay, which they have nothing but praises of the design and upkeep of the area, they did not hesitate to take a peek at the butterfly sanctuary. They paid the entrance fee and excitedly entered the hub of the delicate insects. A few seconds have passed and yet they still have to encounter any flying, colorful creature inside the sanctuary.

Perplexed and thinking that they might have entered the wrong place, my friends seek out a sanctuary attendant to ask where the butterflies are.

"There are no butterflies at the moment because the cold weather and the frequent raining the past weeks eliminated our stocks" explained by the attendant whom my friends inquired of. My friends may have not been able to hide their disappointment because the attendant quickly added, "but there are lots of 'butterfly eggs' inside".